Secret Places To Explore In Cornwall
Hidden Gems and Secret Attractions In Cornwall

Secret Places To Explore In Cornwall

Do you think that you’ve been everywhere and seen everything in Cornwall? Think again. Explore the nooks and crannies to discover the magical secret places to visit in Cornwall

There’s plenty of well-known attractions in Cornwall; stunning coastlines and breath-taking beaches. But we know that this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the best places to visit in Cornwall… just don’t tell the locals we told you!

Hartland Heritage Coast

Natural Beach Artwork

One of Cornwall’s best kept secrets; Nankizal, a pretty boulder filled cove. This infamous beach is home to ‘the Song of the Sea’. A tall, narrow natural archway which cuts through the granite cliffs, exposing a slither of light beaming through the rock face, glistening on the unusually clear waters. This beauty of a beach is often deserted as it’s is over a mile from the nearest parking spot. But if you’re looking for a lovely trek along the cliffs, this secret place to explore in Cornwall is defiantly worth the walk.

Hawker’s hut

A teeny, tiny retreat built from salvaged ship wreck timbers on the North Cornwall coastline just a short distance from our holiday park in Cornwall. Hawker’s hut was built in 1844, by Robert Stephen Hawker; poet and ballad writer. This secret place to explore in Cornwall is the perfect spot for not just some writing overlooking the Cornish salt water. Hawker often used this spot to help distressed ships during rough seas. Having been well maintained, it is currently the smallest property belonging to the National Trust, a great stopping point on your adventure along the cliff tops.

trevella park crantockMysterious cave carvings

Crantock may just be a short distance from Cornwall’s lively seaside resort of Newquay, but its location between the two Pentire headlands ensures it remains peaceful. Stroll along the bottom of Crantock’s cliffs and you’ll discover a series of small caves, uncovering a secret only found by those looking. At low tide you can see the mythical rock carvings, of a woman, poem and horse. Though to covey the story of a woman and her horse who sadly lost their lives to the ocean whilst exploring the beach. Her heartbroken lover was said to have craved her image here on the cliff in remembrance of her in the early 1920’s.


The cave with secret healing powersHolywell Bay Beach

On your Holiday in Cornwall, discover the astonishing Holywell cave near Newquay,  which is uncovered at low tide. Described as one of the most remarkable sites in the British Isles, the natural spring descends through the multicoloured grotto. Steeped in legend, the hidden cave is said to hold secret healing powers. Although we can’t guarantee a dip in to cave’s pool will reverse time 10 years. We can guarantee that this site will amaze you and your family.

Couple Hiking Moorland Local Area CornwallCornwalls highest point

If you feel like getting a great view on your holiday in Cornwall, head to Brown Willy. Set among the rocky landscape of Bodmin Moor, reaching heights of 1,378 feet above sea level. Rumer has it that buried within this rocky giant is an old Cornish King! One things for sure, you wont be disappoint by the views which stretch to both sides of the Cornish coast!

The museum of witchcraft and magic

Established in 1960, in Boscastle, the museum of witchcraft is home to 3,000 artefacts, 7,000 books and a number of displays. With activities for children you’re sure to be taken back by the righting of common miss conceptions. Take a peak into 16 century witch craft- not your normal day trip but who wants normal?!

Each of our wonderful holiday parks in Cornwall make for an ideal base to start your adventure through the secret places to explore in Cornwall. See the very best that this wonderful county has to offer. With accommodation from lodges, villas, bungalows and cottages to caravans, touring and camping. Our parks have a great range of accommodation to choose from. There’s something to suit every taste and budget. Take your pick and start your adventure today!

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